Memorial Garden

Unique in all of Virginia are the public gardens established at John L. Hurt, Jr. Elementary School in 1972 in memory of the benefactor, Mr. John L. Hurt, Jr. He ardently desired gardens for the pleasure of the people, and for the influence upon children growing up. The gardens have responded with equal ardor and are the pride of the school and the joy of the community.

Three complete gardens are planted each year - spring, summer, and fall - each exquisitely designed for color in the manner of European gardens.

  • The spring garden is an exquisite array of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and pansies with a background of pink and white dogwood and azaleas.
  • The summer garden features annuals in vivid swaths of color, with emphasis on blues, whites, pinks, and yellows. Many varieties of roses augment the color scheme with graceful beauty and delightful fragrance.
  • The fall garden is a burst of yellows and golds, with stabs of bronzes. The chrysanthemums bloom by the thousands and make a grand display.

This extraordinary place of beauty is the result of skillful planning by a select group of individual community representatives. Visitors are invited to view the lovely gardens at John L. Hurt, Jr. Elementary School located on Prospect Road in Hurt, Virginia.